søndag 8. november 2009

Windows 7 drivers for Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Some weeks ago I set up my Xbox360 in my livingroom. I already had gigabit ethernet to my htpc but adding another cable just for my xbox was not an option, and adding a switch was not worth the added mess of cables( and lack of WAF ).
So I just went to my local Apple store and picked up an Apple USB Ethernetadapter, its just cheap and simple.

But: there is no official drivers for windows! I knew this but was certain they would be easy to find on the net, I was wrong!

After googling for some time I found a solution, but it still required some tweaking of .ini files, and I was not expecting to spend hours to get this working :(

Anyway, it works now and there now is a simple solution to get your Apple USB Ethernet Adapter working under 64bit Windows 7.

First respect where respect is due:

The original hacked drivers for XP 32-bit
in this post by tnkgrl

Yougottabekiddingyou was the one to present a solution for Win 7 64-bit in this post (Thats what I used)

Using the tips from "You Gotta Be Kidding You" someone put togheter this hacked version that I can confirm works for Win 7 64-bit:

Apple AX88772_772A_Win7_64bit_Driver_v3.10.3.14_WHQL.zip

Note: After searching around a bit I found those official drivers for win 7 that should work in theory, but untested by me:


They probably need to be edited to work with the apple dongle, and include those updates:

Version (2009-06-10)
1. Restore the PHY Select Register after resume from hibernate.

Version (2009-06-05)
1. First release. Modify from Vista driver v3.10.3.19.

I have had zero problems with my drivers and have found no reason to upgrade.

The Apple USB Ethernet gets my recomondations as a cheap and easy fix to get your Xbox 360 online without extra Ethernet connections, or just a simple way to add a ethernet port to your computer at USB2.0 speed.

onsdag 28. oktober 2009

Google Apps email migration from Sysedata

A few weeks ago we took a "leap of faith" and signed up for Google Apps Premier Edition. It was really just the logical next step as we all used gmail privatly and Google docs heavily at work to create and share info.

Setup was pretty straight forward except mail migration. Our previous mail provider Sysedata did not have any relevant data available, but after mailing customer support I found that their servers was running something that resembled Courier-IMAP. Combined with a quick search I pieced together this setup that worked flawlessly when migrating all our acounts over to Google Apps:

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